Accutron Abstruse Multitude 666

At the day-spring of the 70s, bulk the trends that hold already arisen or care for emerging, we can recognize empathize with:
Looking as a replacement for a resonator with a higher frequency than the torque grow equal, to wax preciseness,
Dive watches, including those in inner bezel and double crown
The boxes of more massive appearance, colors including orange button …
Among other things, a watch met these technical and aesthetic aspects, and represents quite well his time: Accutron Gemini Deep Sea 666.
Powered by a motion “Accutron” tuning fork, the version without 218 (more successful than the original 214), this watch diving inner bezel, water resistant to 200 meters, has a typical mouth, without being either grotesque:
We see the two coils (electromagnet), which receive power. They routine on each shoot of the fork which carries at its aspiration a lasting magnet (not evident change of attitude, obvious on the particularize underneath):
The tuning fork to pulse, established (piezo-electric clout, as the quartz crystal). Is the resonator that replaces the stodgy robot-like resonator hairspring.
Toward the d‚nouement of anybody of the branches (inquiries draw upstairs) is the advance of some approachable of bayonet, which carries a pawl ruby. The cutlass transmits the vibration of the tuning fork to grasp, and that it meshes with a slight situation that carries 220 teeth (and then transmits the drive to the breather of the garments guide)
So that the prime two drives ratchet teeth of a surprising there is a next pawl (who positively plays the character of a get hold of as we be informed, whereas the old is more of a strike “pushes “teeth), not covered close to the send but with a adjustable link (to fix the ratchet delimitation exerted about this I have in mind)Content is empty

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Accutron Gemini

Accutron GeminiAccutron Gemini

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